Hec's AS400

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Hec In Omaha
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Hec's AS400

Beitrag von Hec In Omaha » Di Okt 25, 2016 10:07 pm

Howdy All,

I just received my latest acquisition. It is an AS 400! According to the US Aqua Scooter representative, it is a 1979 model of the first production run! This is based on it's serial number. As you can see it is in real nice shape! I picked it up for $209 US on Ebay last week. It arrived yesterday. As a bonus, it came with the Orange hard case, which is in great shape too! Inside the case I found a plastic bag with points, points cam, condenser, and instructions for installing the electronic ignition upgrade. It appears the previous owner has converted this to electronic ignition. I haven't opened it up to confirm that but it does have spark! All the hoses are hard and brittle as is the plug boot, ignition wire, and ignition grommet. I am looking forward to rebuilding this one!

General observations:

* It has no fuel shut off valve, but uses a fuel line pinching device to stop fuel flow.
* It also has no duck valve for venting the fuel tank to atmospheric pressure. It is just an open line inside the tank that terminates behind a metal plate located at the top of the tank near the fuel cap. The metal plate prevent fuel from splashing into the vent line.
* It has no black plastic cylinder head cover like the AS600 and others. It's not missing one as the engine assembly drawing doesn't show one either.
* Starter handle shape is different
* Snorkel tube is smaller in diameter than my AS600 and others and has a screen in it under the connection.

Wish me luck guys getting this one back in the water!

I hosed it off and this is what it looks like.
AS 400 1.jpg
AS 400 1
AS 400 1.jpg (43.87 KiB) 781 mal betrachtet
AS 400 2.jpg
AS 400 2
AS 400 2.jpg (53.91 KiB) 781 mal betrachtet
AS 400 3.jpg
AS 400 3
AS 400 3.jpg (54.72 KiB) 781 mal betrachtet
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